March 5, 2016 Just want to thank everyone for coming to the Madcra Banquet in January. It was again a success and want to thank all who helped organize it.


TIRES: Order will go in on Thursday, March 17 for delivery the following Tuesday. The 2nd order will go in on Thursday, March 31 for deliver the following Tue, April 5th. Remember tires are $100 for STARS and $125 for TUSA . The 205 and 215 sizes come in both sanctioning bodies and soft or medium compound. The 235 tires are TUSA medium only. Please contact Jeff Stensland directly to make your order and payment arrangements. Madcra will try to keep tires in stock, but has been difficult as they have been bought up as soon as we get them in.


Boone early registration forms are due by March 19th. They are online and will save you half the cost of your registration fees. Also transponders are mandatory at Boone. Remember to put them on the charger a week ahead of the first race April 9th as they charge slowly!


First race at Marshalltown is April 8th and Boone is April 9th. Unless we hear different you can hot lap at the Frost Buster at Boone on April 2nd.




March 19 and 20th and March 26 have been set for your car tech and inspection dates.


Please schedule your tech at one of the following locations.


Sat., March 19 or 26th at Jeff Stensland’s shop at 59964 Lincoln Hwy, Nevada 515-231-7494




Sun, March 20 at Joe Glick’s shop at 5195 NW 6th Dr. Des Moines 515-205-4722


Even if your car isn’t race ready, but runs and rolls lets get this done. Nobody likes to do tech at the track!


Dues and Car Tech are due by May 1st or you will not receive MADCRA Points.


Any questions, please feel free to contact a board member (Bryan Zehm, Charlie Brown, Jeff Stensland, Joe Glick, Randy Bryan , Randy Hayes , DJ Schmalzried or Jane Zehm).


If you know of any new racers that are not on our email list, please let us know.